Our Environment

Environmental Policy

Redco NZ Ltd is committed to recognising and respecting the need for sustainable management of the planet’s resources and endeavours to minimise adverse environmental impacts of their engineering activities for both present and future generations by:


Using resources efficiently


Endeavouring to minimise the generation of waste and encouraging environmentally sound re-use, re-cycling, and disposal


Recognising adverse impacts of our engineering activities on the environment, and seeking to avoid or mitigate them


Recognising the long-term imperative of sustainable management throughout our engineering activities (Sustainable Management can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs)


Complying with the applicable corporate, environmental legislative and regulatory requirements and committing to continually improve our environmental performance.

Environmental Certifications

To further enhance this commitment, Redco enrolled in the EnviroSmart programme run by Landcare and sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment and by the Tauranga City Council.

This two year programme focussed on improving the environmental performance and resource use efficiency of our business, and benchmarked us on the Enviro-Mark NZ scale leading to our ISO 14001 registration.

We are members of the Sustainable Business network.