This year has been one of further growth, with a number of very experienced engineers and technicians joining our staff, to boost our staff numbers to record numbers. This has been very heartening at a time when there is a severe shortage of experienced engineers in the country and indeed worldwide.

During the year, Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng.) status was gained by Graham Rundle as Principal, and also by Geoff Lanyon, one of our Senior Engineers. Two other senior engineers are also applying for this status.

As the various changes to the regulatory regime enshrined in the Building Act 2004 are brought into effect this status becomes an important part of working with the Councils (now having to re-invent themselves as Building Consent Authorities – BCA’s.) It also slots into the Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) registry which is now a reality on an initial voluntary basis. Chartered Professional Engineers automatically qualify as Level 3 (the highest level) Licenced Building Practitioners.


Again, this year has seen a wide range of projects being worked on, from domestic alterations and additions, up to high-rise apartments.

We have completed the design for a five storey, 38 unit, apartment block for the Cascades Retirement Resort in Hamilton, as well as a village community centre at the Bethlehem Country Club, both for the Sanderson Group.

We have also worked on a four level apartment block at Tay Street, in the Mount, for Ambienti.

We have completed the engineering design on two developments in thriving Wanaka, – a three level office block, and a three level hotel development, both in the CBD.

While the Lambert Quay subdivision in Hull Road, the Mount, is rapidly filling up with new commercial buildings and the Papamoa East commercial subdivision has also provided many structural and fire design projects, there is now a lot of interest coming from the new industrial subdivision at Tauriko and we are working on a number of commercial developments in that area.

We have also worked on many developments in and around the airport, from small hangar developments, to extensions to the main airport terminal building, to very large warehouse developments on the airport leased commercial land.

Our specialty in Kiwifruit post harvest facilities continues to keep us busy with 28 coolstore rooms being added to sites in the Bay of Plenty for this season, as well as large packhouse and canopy extensions.

We continue to provide a technical design and support service for Polyphen, the fire resistant coolroom insulation panel which is now having an impact in the market place, providing a viable locally produced solution for the insurance industry’s concern over the flammability of polystyrene panel.

Our specialist design expertise in light steel framing for buildings, ranging from residential housing up to large portal framed sheds, has again resulted in an increasing stream of projects from throughout the country. From our involvement with NASH (National Association of Steel-Framed Housing) it is apparent that the use of light steel framing is being adopted by more in the housing market and this form of construction is really starting to come of age.

Allied to this field, has been testing work for supermarket shelving, and the bracing design for a number of warehouse racking installations for Southward Shelving & Racking Solutions

Environmental Matters

This is certainly the year that environmental considerations for the construction industry and the country, have reached the headlines.

As Members of IPENZ we are committed to recognising and respecting the need for sustainable management of the planet’s resources and endeavouring to minimise adverse environmental impacts of our engineering activities for both present and future generations.

To further enhance this commitment, Redco has enrolled in the EnviroSmart programme run by Landcare and sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment and by the Tauranga City Council. This two year programme focuses on improving the environmental performance and resource use efficiency of businesses, and benchmarks them on the Enviro-Mark NZ scale leading to ISO 14001 registration. We have already been audited and passed our first Enviro-Mark level.

We have also been on the Green Star NZ training programme run by the NZ Green Building Council leading to achieving Green Star Accredited Professional status. As you may be aware, the NZ Green Building Council has developed a rating tool for the design and construction of new office buildings. The use of this tool should be seriously considered for any new office buildings as the Government has deemed that any new Government tenancies are to be placed in buildings with at least a Four Star Rating. Corporate tenants are also expected to seek Green Star rating for new offices. Credits are given towards the rating if a Green Star Accredited Professional is engaged at the schematic stage.

Quality Assurance

Over the last two years we have been working on our quality systems and procedures with a view to achieving ISO 9001 registration. The documentation work has now been completed and implemented, and we expect an audit early in the New Year to result in our achieving ISO 9001 registered status.

Looking Forward

Under the new regulatory regime with the Ministry of Building and Housing, the Building Act 2004, and the Councils in their new guise as BCAs, the level and standard of compliance demanded is still increasing, resulting in increased pressures on the industry.

However, with the extra high quality staffing we have been able to employ this year, and with the extra training that has been completed and the skills that have been acquired, combined with the new level of qualifications acquired and the quality systems and procedures we now have in place, we are better placed than ever to meet these demands and to provide our clients with an excellent engineering design service.