Sarah Wombwell Nat Dip Arch Tech

Fire Design, Engineering Technician


Sarah initially joined Redco in July 2005 as a Structural Technician. In March 2007 she embarked on her OE, returning to her native home in the UK and worked on a variety of structural projects and project management assignments.  Sarah gained a lot of experience with below ground drainage design, becoming the sole designer of drainage systems on various sized projects.  During her last three years in the UK, Sarah completed a lot of subterranean basement development projects in reinforced concrete. Since re-joining Redco in 2013 Sarah has Project Managed and assisted in the preparation of engineering reports for Christchurch. With this work largely completed Sarah has been tasked with our Fire Design work and manages the Draughting Division – and keeps her hand in on draughting when time permits as well as completing a Project Management Diploma at Auckland Unitec.