Maurizio Sirena MST (Masters) StrE CPEng

Senior Engineer


Maurizio completed his Engineering Masters at Bologna University, Italy. For 27 years Maurizio was Principal/Manager Engineer of his own engineering consulting company Studio Sirena in San Leo (Province of Rimini on the Adriatic Sea side of Italy). Over that time his team designed over 400 buildings in Italy along with Industrial and Commercial buildings in Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Armenia and R.S.M. His practice also provided consultancy services for factories producing steel structures, aluminium facades and curtain walls as well as extensive work around seismic design and verification. June 2014 saw Maurizio based in NZ working for Linetech Consulting Ltd in Christchurch as a Senior Structural Engineer working on designs for multi storey buildings, steel structures, reinforced concrete structures and providing advice on seismic assessment, strengthening and demolitions. His Chartered Professional Engineer NZ accreditation was achieved in August 2016.